For a Life Well Lived, Free From Eating Disorders

GoodGrit Collective is a community for adults in eating disorder recovery. Through community, connection, and the development of essential life skills, we support you on your way to sustainable, real life recovery.

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Why GoodGrit Collective?

  • You're seeking community and tools for sustainable recovery.
  • You're looking for resources to help bridge the gap between treatment and real life. 
  • You desire to feel connected, capable, and understood.
  • You're an adult and feel that you're in a place to safely engage with community in recovery.

Experience a life of authentic connection and purpose

Eating disorders interfere with our ability to live in alignment with our values. Through life skill development classes and workshops, GoodGrit Collective cultivates confidence and empowers you to reconnect with what matters most in life.

Rooted in Values

And shared experience

We operate from a place of inclusivity, learning, authenticity, and respect (for self and for others). Our instructors and community members embody these values to provide a safe space for developing life skills essential to lasting recovery.

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Let's Learn Together

There’s no need to go it alone. While we have not lived your unique, personal experience, we have felt a similar desire to make a change and feel connected.

What’s Included

  • Access to our growing video library. Watch and learn from our instructors anytime, anywhere.
  • Monthly events hosted by GGC to connect with your community.
  • Community meals. Virtual time to eat together as a community.

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$39 * USD

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*Equity pricing is available for those who wish to join and hold underrepresented identities or whom are facing financial hardship. Email us at for more information.

Together on the Path to Leading Eating Disorder Recovery

Organizations and leaders help form the strong community bonds that develop the authentic connections for our members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our member support team at

  • How do I know if GGC is for me? GGC is ideal for adults that are motivated to recover and are not currently in need of a higher level of care. If you have questions about whether membership is a good fit for you, email us any time at
  • How do I attend events and meal support? You will be able to sign up for events and meals on the "Events" page once you're logged in to your account. We'll send you a link for virtual events and will include all of the details in the description for in-person events.
  • Can I download video lessons? No, but you can view as many times as you'd like while you're a member! You can even save your faves in your member account for easy access!
  • Can I cancel my membership? Of course! We think you'll love GGC, but if you don't, you can absolutely cancel at any time!
  • Does GGC offer any kind of equity pricing? Yes! If you are in need of equity pricing options, please shoot us an email at
  • Do I have to live in Dallas to be a member? No! All of our video lessons are pre-recorded and can be watched any time, anywhere. Events will occasionally be location specific, but we will do our best to livestream whenever we can!