Real Connection. Real Life. Real Recovery.

Through intentional community and shared experiences, GoodGrit Collective fosters the development of connection and skills to support a life well lived, free from eating disorders.

When we’re engaged in diet culture and eating disorders, we’re disengaged from our values, our skills, and our community. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters most when we’re distracted by numbers, rules, and body dissatisfaction.

GoodGrit Collective provides a space to reconnect with community and the tools you need to navigate recovery in a realistic , meaningful , and sustainable way.

GoodGrit Collective provides compassionate, sustainable life skills for all people in recovery.

We recognize and welcome all sizes, abilities, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities.

We believe that you belong.

We believe that you are worthy.

We believe that you deserve respect from yourself and others.

GGC was founded by Meagan Rothschild, an eating disorder dietitian located in Dallas, TX.

Meagan has owned and operated her nutrition therapy practice since 2013. While working in private practice, she observed a gap in care - one that doesn’t adequately support people navigating the realities of life without an eating disorder.

She believes that wider access to life skill development and community involvement is essential to sustainable recovery. She dreams of a day when eating disorders are better treated and understood, when the diet industry goes out of business, and when all people are welcomed and embraced for being their unique, authentic selves.