Wendy Wright

Financial therapist and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

Wendy Wright, LMFT, CEDS-S, CIEC is a Financial Therapist and Certified Financial Recovery™ Counselor based in Denver, Colorado.

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Wendy Wright

She is also the founder and CEO of Financial Therapy Solutions, LLC. Wendy understands that words like “financial issues” or “financial therapy” may stir up emotions of shame, fear, guilt, anxiety, and anger. Through her financial counseling sessions, she helps clients connect to their intuition and learn to listen to it. She encourages them to identify patterns, stories, and subconscious beliefs that impact their relationship with money. Wendy wants her clients to end their time together feeling empowered and confident. She believes that approaching your financial difficulties with kindness and curiosity can truly be transformative. Learn more on her website: financialtherapysolutions.com and on social media @wendywrightcounseling

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